According to the field research conducted by MTA Central Region I. Regional Directorate; The potential (visible + possible + possible) reserve of the Amasya Beige natural stone deposits in the province is determined as 1.400.000.000m³. Approximately 20% of the registered natural stone reserves in Turkey and in the world known reserves of approximately 10% of Amasya in olusturmaktadir.sar of-honey color Beige natural tau, with the appearance and quality (stain-resistant, does not absorb water, little me here) national and international scale has made a name for itself. Exports are realized in many countries.

In natural stone production, Amasya can be processed in any size and technique from blocks and plates up to 0.5 cm. It has a product range consisting of 18 different natural tastes in 6 classrooms.

The grade / quality of lignite in lignite deposits in Amasya varies between 1600-5574 kcal / kg. potential reserves in the province of 30 million tons of lignite coal with calorific value of Turkey's best quality is located in zone 3%.