Investment Area

Organized Industrial Zones

The foundations of industry in Amasya have been laid with the established coal enterprises and sugar factories. The provincial industry has been consisted of companies that have long years of experience in the soil, and then there have been serious developments in the manufacturing sectors such as textiles, furniture and mining. The leading sectors in the province are food products and beverage manufacturing, mining and quarrying, industry based on soil and machinery and equipment manufacturing. In recent years, the energy sector has been involved in these sectors. Amasya has succeeded to announce its name to abroad thanks to its natural stone reserves. Amasya exports its marble products to more than 40 countries with its wide product technology and OSB's companies. Marble and built-in kitchen products have an important place in exportation. There are 4 Organized Industrial Zones and 8 small industrial sites in Amasya. More than 3,000 people are employed in more than 1,500 jobs in CSRs.

Amasya is home to 4 Organized Industrial Zones. The land allocation operations of Suluova OSB are continuing in addition to the Central, Merzifon and Suluova Fattening Organized Industrial Zones.