Why Amasya?

Advantages of the Industrial Sector in Amasya:

  • Know-how, open-minded and innovative investment environment
  • Easy access advantage to 1.5 billion consumers in Europe, Middle East, North Africa and Russia and CIS
  • Vocational high school enrollment rates are high and Amasya University has undertaken the leadership of university-industry cooperation studies.
  • Young, dynamic and cheap workforce
  • Presence of raw material resources such as natural stone and lignite
  • Renewable Energy potential
  • Easy transportation and combined transportation opportunities


Advantages of Agriculture and Livestock Sector in Amasya

  • Finding a fattening OIZ in Amasya Suluova
  • Turkey's leader in onion production,
  • one of the most important production centers for export cherrieS
  • Variety of endemic plant species
  • Increase in the presence of land receiving irrigation service with large irrigation projects
  • Availability of suitable land for organic farming and potential for greenhouse cultivation
  • Agro-industry potential
  • Suitable climate and topography for agriculture and livestock
  • Increasing cherry production for export with the continuation of the world-famous Amasya Lime and Flower Okra productions


Advantages of the Tourism Sector in Amasya

  • Being one of the 15 provinces within the scope of the Brand City Project of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism,
  • Faith, health, eco tourism potential,
  • Airport and easy transportation facilities,
  • 8,500 years of history and rich cultural heritage,
  • Increasing the recognition of the province with the inclusion of Harşena Mountain and Pontus King Rock Tombs on the UNESCO World Heritage Tentative List
  • Its location on the Black Sea and Cappadocia cultural tours