Why Amasya? More

Why Amasya?

Amasya is an attractive industrial investment center with industrial know-how, an open investment environment, rich raw material resources, university-industry cooperation, easy transportation and transportation opportunities. Organic farming facilities, agricultural industry infrastructure, world-renowned agricultural products, increase in the production of cherry production, suitable for animal husbandry and topography of the climate with the important potential for agricultural investments. Amasya is an attractive city for the investments to be made in the tourism sector with its ease of transportation, its location on domestic cultural tours, its rich historical and cultural heritage.


8500 Attraction Center

The history of Amasya, also known as the Bagis of Anatolia, the Pearl of Cities, the Center of Scholars and the City of Sehzades, dates back to 8500 years, from the Neolithic Period.

Easy Transportation

Amasya is a 1.5-hour flight from Istanbul Ataturk Airport. With its easy transportation for raw materials, semi-finished products, finished goods, equipment and qualified personnel, Mersin, İzmir Alsancak and Europe's gate offer all the advantages of comfortable and fast transportation to the Istanbul Ambarlı Ports.

Views from Amasya

Amasya is competing in international scale with its agricultural, cultural and industrial brands...


Amasya Beige

In natural stone production, Amasya is capable of producing semi-finished and raw materials in all sizes and techniques from blocks and plates up to 0.5 cm in capacity and modern technology; It has 18 different natural stone products in 6 classrooms. % Of natural stone reserves in Turkey constitutes almost 20.

City where rivers and roads meet

Amasya; havaalanı, liman ve demiryollarının yanı başındaki eşsiz konumu ile Türkiye’den Avrupa, Orta Doğu, Kuzey Afrika ve Rusya’daki 1,5 milyar tüketiciye kolay erişim olanağına sahiptir. Anadolu’nun temel bağlantı doğrultuları olan ve bölgeyi doğu - batı ile güneybatı - kuzeydoğu doğrultularında kesen eksenlerin kavşak noktasında yer alan Amasya, Samsun Limanı’na yakınlığı ile kombine taşımacılığın tüm avantajlarından yararlanmaktadır.

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  • Amasya is a unique city, founded on the fertile soil of the Yeşilırmak Valley, which has been the important science, culture and administrative center of the civilizations, where numerous cultural values are stored and carried back to the future, without losing its importance in this scene, or withdrawing from the stage of its existence for 8,500 years.

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